Tamar Rechnitz is Director of Education at the Tag Meir Coalition, an organization that combats against hate-crimes in Israel and Palestine. One of the projects is a joint teacher training for religious Jews and Muslims. Tamar is involved in several projects to promote Hebrew class among East-Jerusalem Palestinians, and Arabic among Israelis. She teaches both languages in The Hebrew University and Ben Gurion University.

She initiated the project “Golden Hands” in which Jews and Arab women participate in handy-woman workshops in Jerusalem. She created the Project “Memory for Two: German-Jewish intimate dialogue events” that take place in Germany and in israel.

Tamar holds a B.A. in Jewish thought and Hebrew linguistics and an M.A. in Hebrew linguistics, both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Tamar grew up in Efrat and served as a reporter for the IDF newspaper. For more than a decade, she has been a Jerusalemite by choice.