For many years Sivan Tahel has been a Mizrachi activist and a social activist in various human rights movements.

Sivan is active in the Amram Association, which works to recognize the abduction of children of immigrant families from Yemen, the Balkans, North Africa and other Middle Eastern countries (collectively known as The Yemenite, Mizrahi and Balkan Children Affair). She is also involved in the documentation of Yaldei Hagazezet (the Ringworm Children) as well as in the Mizrachi protest group “Lo Nechmadim Lo Lechmadot”.

Sivan promotes the social rights of people living in poverty and extreme exclusion, and she creates support networks for single mothers, offering them activities they are unable to afford. In addition, she promotes the freedom of expression and right to protest, while playing a key role in the fight against police brutality, the clearing of neighborhoods, the evacuation of people from their homes, and violence against women. In recent years she has led the fight against power outages in poor communities, both as an activist and in her role as field coordinator in the Association for Civil Rights in Israel.