A social entrepreneur and a certified social worker, Ronnie-Lee Sneh currently serves as the co-founder and program manager of Street Medicine Israel, together with “Home- Base” NGO. After identifying a gap in medical services to the homeless, she built the Israeli model of Street Medicine over the past year and co-founded the first Street Medicine program in Israel

Street Medicine is a well-known practice of providing medical care for people experiencing homelessness around the world. Together with over 70 health professionals – doctors, nurses, medics and medical students from the Tel-Aviv Faculty – Street Medicine is now operating in Tel-Aviv and plans to spread to more cities in Israel in the future. Its goals are to improve the health and well-being of people experiencing homelessness, raise awareness of the barriers they face when they need and seek medical care, lower stigma for this community, and contribute to raising a new generation of more compassionate future medical professionals. 

Prior to founding Street Medicine Israel, Ronnie-Lee worked as a sole social worker in one of the biggest humanitarian NGOs in Israel, which provides shelter and food for people experiencing homelessness. She led the rehabilitation program coordination between social services and the people in need. During her time there, Ronnie-Lee established a weekly group therapy for men who are actively using substance and also carried out an art exhibition, displaying the talents of women who stayed in the shelter.

Ronnie-Lee gained experience in community development through a 4-month internship in Northern Uganda where she a part of a community-based NGO’s nutrition project; in the aim to improved nutritional status of children under 2 years, and of pregnant and lactating women, using behavioral change and education. 

Ronnie-Lee earned an MA from the Glocal- International Community Development program from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a Bachelor of Social Work from Tel-Aviv University