Riki is one of the leaders of Ethiopian Jewish community in Israel. All of her work over the years has focused  on how best to integrate young Ethiopian immigrants into Israel society and how to advocate for the needs of the community at the local and national level. She is also promoting collaborative efforts among diverse sectors on a variety of issues related to the Ethiopian community.

For fourteen years, she served as general director of Hiyot organization that assisted the Ethiopian immigrants to advance education opportunities. For the last seven years, she has been working as director of Admas Higher Education Program that helps Ethiopian university students to excel in four of Israel’s leading institutions: Technion, Ben Gurion, Tel Aviv and Hebrew University.

Riki has a master degree in educational counseling and bachelor’s degree in human services. She is married to Shlomo and the mother of three children, Pele 18, Shiraz 16 and Reut 13.