Ranin is a project manager at Mubadarat, a philanthropic initiative working to enhance and improve the social services for minority populations, primarily in Arab society. Over the past three years, Ranin has concentrated her efforts on strengthening the organizational infrastructure and building nonprofit capacities of Arab-led civil society organizations. One of the primary goals of these efforts is to increase the percentage of government resources allocated to these nonprofits, and ultimately, to improve the social services delivered to Arab society.

Prior to her joining Mubadarat, Ranin works for years in a variety of civil society organizations. She was the director of training and workshops at Tsofen, a nonprofit promoting the integration of Arabic university graduates into the high-tech industry. She also was a project manager at the Injaz Center, a nonprofit working to enhance the professional tools and expertise of those serving in Arab local authorities.

Ranin has a BA in Psychology and an MA in Educational Counseling, both degrees from the University of Haifa.