Oso Bayo is a multidisciplinary social ‘artivist’.

In her youth, she was a member and a leader in the Hashomer Hatzair movement. These years played a significant part in shaping her worldview, and since then she has worked as hard as she can to heal the divided Israeli society and to support underprivileged populations.

Oso is a graduate of the Department of Visual Communication in Bezalel Academy of Art and Design (1997), winner of the Mike Felheim Prize for Outstanding Typography (1997) and a former lecturer at Shenkar College. The graphic design studio she founded in 2001 specializes in social, multicultural and multilingual design. She enjoys accumulating knowledge, and creating out of awareness and attention to the meaning of colors and symbols for different and diverse communities in Israel.

Oso works in collaboration with a wide range of civil society organizations, non- profit organizations and social entrepreneurs. On many occasions she happily volunteers to offer quality pro bono design.

Between 2004 and 2006, she volunteered to establish and run an online support forum for pregnant women after a loss.

In 2008, she published “A Practical Guide for Creative Imagination” – an illustrated therapeutic tool, used by hundreds of coaches, therapists, group facilitators and social workers. In 2010, she presented the illustrations from the guide in her solo exhibition “Possibilities” at the Zaritsky Artists House in Tel Aviv.

In 2016, she was a partner in the attempt to hold the “Activista” conference for female activists from all corners of Israeli society. The intervention of political elements led to the cancellation the conference at the last minute, after months of hard work – but the dream of building such cooperation is still burning in her.

Another area in which Oso is active, is the community work for children with special needs. As a mother of an autistic boy, together with other mothers, in 2017 she founded “Ness-Horim” – a community of parents of children with special needs in her hometown of Ness Ziona for the welfare of children and families, which currently includes about 200 parents.

Oso lectures for pay and as volunteer on parenting to special children, homeschooling and high-functioning autism, in front of students, medical and educational staff and more, in every possible setting.

To fill her batteries with joy of life she plays on a cajón in jam with friends – at least once a week!

Married to Gilad and a proud mother of Guy and Noa.