Noha is an educator in the field of education for coexistence in Israel. She was born and raised in Nahariya to a Palestinian Muslim family, and grew up in a bilingual and multicultural environment.

Holds a B.A. in Education and Hebrew Literature, an M.A. in Management of Educational Systems and Organizational Consulting, facilitator for groups in conflict, develops initiatives and supervises multicultural projects of groups from various backgrounds in Israel and abroad.

Noha began her career as a teacher, and very quickly began to develop and challenge the education system. She worked as a teacher in Arab and Jewish schools, and very quickly joined the group of founders of bilingual schools in Israel and the “Hand in Hand” association, where she started to work as a first grade teacher for a class of Arab and Jewish children from the Misgav and Sakhnin area in the North. Later, Noha established and managed a bilingual school in Kafr Qara. This school proved that coexistence in Israel is possible even in the Arab social space within an Arab village in the Wadi Ara area.

After a number of years, Noha joined the Ministry of Education’s Headquarters for Civil Education and Coexistence and created many projects for connecting communities, students and educators from different backgrounds in and outside the education system.

Noha currently runs the Center for Humanistic Education at the Ghetto Fighters’ House, which deals with discourse and connection between different groups in local and global society.

The center creates a place for dialogue and discussion that allow participants to share the pain of the past, connect to the reality around us today and aim for a better common future. The discussions encourage a connection between human beings, a closer acquaintance with the other, tolerance and empathy as a basis for future action.

Noha, a group facilitator herself, together with her partner Liron Peleg Hadomi, led circles of Arab and Jewish women in Israel as part of their collaboration with the American Vital Voices organization, which was established by Hillary Clinton as the President’s wife at the time, and it focuses on the empowerment of pioneering women leading a change in the world. She herself set a personal example for leading women in changing their environment, and has supported and encouraged countless women in their personal and professional development.

In 2011, Noha and her partner Liron were granted an award for their social work, and their leadership of significant change. They focused on empowering young Jewish and Arab women, and executing joint projects for women from various circles in order to create a change and connection in their environment in Israel. The award was given by Hillary Clinton in Washington, USA.

In addition, in 2014, Noha and her partner received a Certificate of Appreciation for their work from the organization of super-designer Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF), who established a support fund for change-leading women and honors 5 unique women from around the world each year, supporting their projects.

Noha lives in Carmiel, a mother to three young teenagers, loves nature and people and believes that human beings are fundamentally good, born different in order to enrich the landscape of our lives, and not in order to use this difference for wars and pain. Noha carries in her heart an important sentence her father said: “There is no reason why we should not live in peace together in this country. We must learn to live in peace.”