Meredith Rothbart, Founder and CEO of Amal-Tikva, immigrated to Jerusalem in 2008, fulfilling a promise she made to herself as a child, growing up deeply engaged in the Jewish community of Allentown, Pennsylvania. Somehow in-between studying in a religious Zionist feminist seminary and serving in the IDF’s Civil Adminsitration, she participated in a leadership program for young Israelis and Palestinians which inspired her career in peacebuilding. Meredith holds an MA in Community Development from Hebrew University, and brings over a decade of experience in nonprofit management. She serves on several advisory boards and as founding curator for the Jerusalem Global Shapers Hub of the World Economic Forum.

As a strategic consultant, Meredith co-founded Amal-Tikva (meaning hope in Arabic and Hebrew), a collaborative initiative where philanthropists, field experts, and organizations come together to support civil society peacebuilding between Israelis and Palestinians. In the moments when she’s not pursuing peace in the Middle East, you can find Meredith at the playground near her Jerusalem home chasing her adorable children Shalva, Yishai, and Yona.