Merav, born on Moshav Nahalal, in the north of Israel, is a fourth-generation moshavnik and sixth-generation Israeli, the descendent of farmers and pioneers whose lives were guided by passion for working the land.

Merav has a strong background in environmental studies, permaculture design, biodynamic agriculture, media, and community building. After a decade of working in television in Tel-Aviv (aside from one year in New York), Merav returned to the north and co-founded Yesh-Meain Ecological Farm, an eco-educational farm which promotes environmental and social awareness and encourages change regarding consumption and the perception of abundance in Israeli society.

That farm, and the experience gained with healing the land from decades- long chemical abuse, informed much of the spirit behind Kaima Nahalal, the first all girl- and woman-run farm in the growing Kaima educational network, founded in 2013, just outside of Jerusalem. Kaima Nahalalal practices what they identify as an important subset of agriculture — feminist farming, a mindset and code of ethics that takes into consideration matters of gender equality, accessibility, nutrition, environmental stewardship, and resource management; it upends previous iterations of farm management in which agricultural activity has historically exploited women instead of borrowing from their unique ways of feeding the hungry, protecting mother earth, and valuing cooperation over competition.

In 2019 Merav received the Yaffa London Yaari Award which recognizes women who have established innovative solutions to advance the status of girls and women in Israel society.