Louiz Green is a photographer, film creator, and a women’s rights activist.

As a film creator and director, Louiz has worked with dozens of civil society organizations in Israel/Palestine and abroad. Her work, through the use of a cutting-edge media work, focuses on promoting human rights and providing support of civil struggles.

Most recently, as part of an activist group called ‘Be’al Korchan’ (‘Inevitable’), Louiz helped to lead a successful campaign for an early release of Dllal Daud and Simona Mori, two battered women who were imprisoned for the killing of their abusive partners. Currently Louiz and ‘Be’al Korchan’ are now in the midst of a campaign for the release of Erica Frishkin. Louiz also took a central part in campaigning for granting civil status for trafficking victims. 

For the past two years Louiz has served as the President of  ‘Her Academy’ – a vocational school training and supporting women from diverse backgrounds transitioning out of prostitution and abuse.