Born and raised in the welfare, social democratic, equal striving land of Vikings, Denmark. Trying to find justice and meaning in life, went traveling all over the world. Working my way through most of this wonderful world’s continents, learning about love and war, democracy and religion, humanity and feminism.

Falling in love twice during those traveling years:   Once in Jerusalem. Second in Eli, now my life partner, in a yoga head stand session by the Ganges River in India. Those loves were connected, because my love from India was from the holy land. And the Viking Princess became a frum jewish wife.

Have been involved from very early age in social and political projects. Growing up in a family with addiction, in a lower class neighbourhood, taught by life that there are plenty of Tikkun Olam to do. Coming to live in Israel just made this even clearer. My path of studies led me to more spiritual roads less traveled. More recently my involvement in the social leadership field has been my main drive:

I am part of a young and dynamic NGO working to create better practices for newly released prisoners. I am also building and leading a project for improving parenting skills and reducing post partum depression for young families. And together with my husband volunteering for Zohar, creating a healthy alternative to the Israeli chief rabbinate.

I am 47 years old, living in Tivon in the Jezreel Valley, mother of four mostly teenagers, still crazy in love after all these years with Jerusalem and Eli.