Adv. Leehee has worked at Adam Teva V’Din since 2014 as the Director of the Economy , Natural Resources and Environment Department.

She specializes in the management and taxation of natural resources and promoting a greener energy economy, advocating for increased energy efficiency and more renewable energy in Israel’s energy mix.

Leehee is responsible for some of the most important environmental lawsuits of the last half decade. Inter alia, she successfully litigated and secured amendments to the government’s road map for the offshore natural gas industry, successfully represented NGOs and community activists in a multiparty lawsuit to halt the expansion of the Bazan Oil Refinery Compound in Haifa where planning approval was granted in violation of planning & building laws and led Adam Teva V’Din’s litigation against the Dead Sea Works, and the Water Authority and successfully limited the amount of water used by the Dead Sea Works in their mineral production processes.

Leehee received her law degree (cum laude) from The Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya in 2010 and her BA in International Relations and Sociology/ Anthropology in 2006 from Hebrew University.

Originally from Montreal, Canada, Leehee moved to Israel in 2001.

Before joining Adam Teva V’Din she worked as at the Department for International Agreements & International Litigation at Israel’s Ministry of Justice and the Department of International Affairs at the Office of the State Attorney.