Kholod Massalha, 41-year-old journalists from the village Daborya, has been working in the media field for 22 years.
Massalha began her career as a media researcher following her education in Communication and Political Spence at the Hebrew University. She studied the coverage of Arabs in Hebrew Israeli media as well as women’s coverage with Prof. Amal Jammal. She later began her work as an editor for Bokra website, and in 2009 was appointed the Chief Editor, a position she still holds.

Additionally, since 2017 she has been the Director of I’lam – Arab Center for Media Freedom, Development, and Research.  At I’lam Center she manages 10 staff members and 16 projects, including: documentaries, media counseling for women running for political office, journalists training with Ynet, critical media consumption education in schools, monitoring, studying, and reporting on Israeli media.

Massalha is a member of the steering committee for The Union of Journalists in Israel, the international organization IFEX, and the organization IFJ.