Ifat Baron is an innovator and social entrepreneur dedicated to promoting the occupational and economic development of disenfranchised populations.

Born and raised in Netanya (IL), Ifat has always been socially active. From organizing study groups for her peers in high school to initiating a training program from Arab and Jewish women from the Netanya area ultimately leading to quality employment in her own workplace at the time. Her sense of social responsibility, self sufficiency and Tikkun Olam have always been the fuel behind her diligent attempts to better the lives of those in need.

After completing her IDF service in in the Intelligence force, Ifat pursued a degree in Computer Science and found her calling by harnessing Israel’s hi-tech industry to the development of marginalized populations.

Ifat beliefs are clear and simple: everyone deserves the right for fair, quality employment which facilitates one’s professional desires and existential needs.

In 2006, Ifat founded itworks, a non- profit dedicated to promoting employment diversity in Israel’s booming hi tech sector, via training and job placement of Arab society, Haredi society, women, people with disabilities and more. itworks operates on a model developed by Ifat which consists of three pillars: Vocational tech training, developing soft and career skills, leading to quality employment. Over the years, Ifat has woven a tight network of 130 employers who share the vision for a diversified industry. This results in itworks staggering 70% job placement rate, with 83% of those placed- retaining their position for over 1 year.

Recognizing her efforts and impact on society, Ifat was the 2012 recipient of Hadassah’s Bernice Tannenbaum Prize for her work promoting economic justice and equality for women and girls in Israel. In 2013, Ifat was named one of the 100 most influential individuals in the world advancing the economic empowerment of women, enabling her to receive the 2013 International Alliance for Women’s World of Difference Award. Ifat is married to Elad and together they raise their three children in Netanya.