Hila Peer, born and raised in Tel Aviv, is a graduate of Ben Gurion University, with a degree in Emergency Medicine. She is a social activist with the inner guiding light of always remembering that health and well-being can only be achieved when physical, emotional, and social safety come together.

Hila began her many years of experience being active in the gay community from her own ‘coming out of the closet’ experience which took place in toxic surroundings. It was a setting that not accept her – to the point where she was kicked out of her childhood home at the age of 18.  From starting out as a volunteer in the youth shelter ‘Beit Dror’, Hila has harnessed her accumulated experience in the ngo world, gathering experience over time which have included working as the deputy director of the Israel AIDS Task Force and as head of the auditing committee at IGY -The Proud Youth Organization. 

Hila is the chairwoman of Aguda-The Association for LGBTQ+ Equality in Israel. As part of her position, she leads the legislative efforts and parliament work to achieve equality for the LGBTQ+ community.   

For the past 3 years, aside to her volunteering position in the Aguda, Hila works in a unique  project called ‘Dream Doctors’, an non-profit organization that operates medical clowns in hospitals across Israel. The mission of the dream doctors is to awaken the healthy soul in the struggling patient through humor, colorful communication that does not need to be verbal and supporting the medical staff and treatments. 

Hila is 36 years old, resides in Tel Aviv, mother of 2 toddlers whom she raises with much love, a big laugh and sense of optimism and values in co-parenting.