Dana Selinger-Abutbul is the director of the Research and Evaluation department at the IACC (Israel Association for Community Centers). Prior to that Dana was the head of the evaluation team at TFI – Teach First Israel. She also worked previously as an action researcher for a dialogue group of Palestinians and Jews initiated by Shatil. Dana completed her B.A in Behavioral Science at Ben Gurion University and her M.A in Conflict Resolution at Tel Aviv University.

Dana’s first experience as an evaluator was in Brandies University where she worked for the CMJS – Cohen Center for modern Jewish studies on research for Taglit – Birthright.

Dana lives in Ganey – Tikva with Guy and their two daughters : Romi , a tanks instructor for the Israeli Army and Aya, a 11th grade high school student.

Dana Selinger

These are my daughters and my source of inspiration. They are also the ones from whom I learn to be a better person.

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